Full Name Eddie Pryor
Alias Killbane, The Walking Apocalypse
Origin Saints Row: The Third
Occupation Leader of the Luchadores, later of the Syndicate; owner of the 3 Count Casino.
Powers / Skills Capable wrestler and fighter
Hobby Wrestling, killing people
Goals To get the Pandora Box to destroy the Saints(Later on change to getting revenge against everyone with Senator Armstrong)
Type of Villain Evil Wrestler, Crime Lord, Killer


After being banished to Mexico after killing an opponent while in the ring, he came back to Steelport in order to regain his lost success. At one point in time he was the tag-team partner to and friend of Angel De La Muerte, and together they ran the Luchadores. He eventually became jealous of Angel's success and proceeded to publicly unmask and shame him, thus forcing Angel into hiding.

Events in WoL RPGEdit

He is a madman for power. He plan on seeking power for the Pandora Box to help him beat the Saints. More TBA




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